Are you overwhelmed by the amount of time you are required to spend on negotiating?  It seems like we’re always negotiating – with employees, vendors or partners.


Your ability to negotiate well can be the difference between a successful, happy, profitable company and its opposite. Key to this is the ability to see things from the other side and trying to ensure a win from that perspective.


On the Mark Advisors adds value for novice, experienced, and advanced negotiators via:


  • Preparation – Knowing the best and most acceptable outcomes for both parties

  • Strategy – Knowing yours and your counterpart’s strengths, weaknesses, and leverage points; seeing several moves ahead

  • Approach – Listening and absorbing are tantamount

  • Tactics – Understanding that silence is golden; structuring to win

  • Audience – Finding the influencer / decision-maker

  • Stages – Mastering the initial offer, identifying fallbacks, discerning BATNA